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How Is Erectile Dysfunction Diagnosed?

How is erectile dysfunction diagnosed? It is typically done through the process of elimination. There are so many factors involved in getting and maintaining an erection firm enough to have sexual relations, your doctor will test one possibility at a time to finally reach the real cause.

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When to See a Men’s Health Specialist

Whether you are the type of person who likes to make face-to-face contact with a men’s health doctor or you prefer a more laid back and confidential approach online, it is easy to find one of today’s men’s health specialists. Whatever works for you,

woman with urinary incontinence.

Urinary Incontinence? You’re Not Alone.

Urinary incontinence—the accidental release of urine—is common, especially among older women. Stress incontinence happens when a woman sneeze, cough, laugh, or do other things that put pressure on your bladder. Urge incontinence happens when you suddenly need to urinate and can’t reach the toilet in time.

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Urinary problems: Tips to help

Many people don’t think of healthy urinary function as interesting, at least not until they have an issue. But urinary problems from BPH or benign prostatic hyperplasia can be annoying, uncomfortable, and embarrassing. BPH is an enlarged prostate gland. BPH occurs in almost all men as they age.

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Men’s Health

Men have unique health issues, but they may be hesitant to ask questions or seek treatment. Some conditions, like prostate cancer or erectile dysfunction (ED), only happen to males. Others, like breast cancer and incontinence, are more common in females but also affect males.

Dr. Kyle Gennaro.

Welcome Dr. Kyle Gennaro

Urology Specialists, PC is proud to introduce the newest member of our team of highly experienced urologists. Please help us in welcoming Dr. Kyle Gennaro to the team. Dr. Gennaro is now accepting new patients.  

man talking to his urologist about ED.

Is My Erectile Dysfunction Treatable?

When you decide it’s finally time to talk with Urology Specialists, PC about your erectile dysfunction, all that is needed to begin is answering some medical questions and getting a physical exam. You may have chronic health issues that could be the underlying cause.

In Memory of Dr. Chapman.

In Memoriam: Dr. William R. Chapman III

After a brief, but devastating illness, Dr. Chapman was called home by our Lord. Although sadness fills our hearts, we celebrate the life of Dr. Chapman and the thousands of lives he touched through his remarkable surgical skills, care and compassion.


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